Investment in real estate in Azerbaijan

Profitable Investment in Real Estate in Azerbaijan market

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Achieving a consistent source of income is a shared aspiration among many. It represents the key to securing not only our own future but also that of our children and family. The allure lies in the prospect of our money working for us, even when we’re not actively working for it.

Investment Options for Real Estate in Azerbaijan

Within the realm of investment, numerous options abound. Among them is the world of real estate, a domain filled with opportunities for financial growth. To gain insights into smart real estate investment, we engaged in a conversation with Nusrat Ibrahimov, an expert in the field.

Real Estate Price Index in Azerbaijan

Nusrat Ibrahimov emphasized that the price index within the real estate market has shown remarkable growth since 2000, registering an impressive factor of 6.4. This means that a property acquired for 10,000 AZN in 2000 has now appreciated to a value of 64,000 AZN.

Apartment Segment as an Entry Point

The real estate expert further stressed that, for those new to the world of business, the apartment segment is the most fitting starting point. Apartments are comparatively easier to manage as a business venture.

The Impact of Mortgage and Loans

In the context of financing real estate endeavors, Nusrat Ibrahimov recommended that individuals maximize their utilization of bank credit. He explained that when saving to purchase real estate, it often takes a considerable amount of time. During this period, apartment prices tend to rise, and concurrently, currency inflation occurs. The result can be that the funds saved may not be sufficient to cover the property’s cost. Therefore, opting for a loan and investing in real estate, then repaying the loan with the returns from the investment, is often a more prudent approach.

Sustainable Income in the Property Market

Highlighting the resilience of the real estate market, the expert underscored that it offers a sustainable, stable, and relatively risk-free avenue for income. Nusrat Ibrahimov advised citizens to exercise wisdom when entering the real estate market, making strategic investments to secure their financial future.
Less risky and profitable investments

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