baku stock exchange

Baku Stock Exchange

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What is Baku Stock Exchange?

The Baku Stock Exchange (BSE) is the only stock exchange in Azerbaijan. It began its operations on 15 February 2000, with the support of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan (the CBA). The first trading operation at the stock exchange was carried out on 1 September 2000. The BSE is organized in the form of a closed joint stock company with 20 shareholders.

baku stock exchange
Baku Stock Exchange

Who are the members of the Baku Stock Exchange?

Members of the Baku Stock Exchange can provide services to investors or participate in investment activities by submitting applications for traded securities with the option of remote connection from the BSE trading platform. Members of the Baku Stock Exchange or persons applying for membership may be only legal entities licensed by an investment company issued by a supervisory authority. 

  • Unicapital investment company OJSC
  • Pasha Capital Investment Company CJSC
  • INVEST-AZ Investment Company CJSC
  • PSG Investment Company OJSC
  • AzFinance Investment Company CJSC
  • Xalq Capital Investment Company CJSC
  • Assist Finance Investment Company OJSC
  • ABB-invest Investment Company CJSC
  • MFX Trading Investment Company OJS
  • CPM-Invest Investment Company OJSC
  • Capital Partners Investment Company CJSC
  • Troni Investment CJSC

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