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Rental Housing in Rural Districts of Azerbaijan becomes Expensive as Summer Comes

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According to real estate expert R. Osmanli there is usually an increase in prices for renting houses in rural areas of Azerbaijan, as summer comes, reported on Trend.

This is a normal trend and has been going on for many years.

“At the beginning of the season, the demand for the country and private houses is growing, which entails an increase in prices. Towards the end of May, we will observe an increase in prices for renting country and private houses,” he said.

R.Osmanli went on to say that people want the house to be near the sea, so the increase in rental prices will be observed mainly in villages and towns located near the sea. Compared to winter, rents in these places will increase from 30 percent to more than double. The price also varies depending on the conditions and the number of floors.

Real estate expert noted that people mostly rent private houses in mountainous and foothill areas with high tourist potential.

Daily Rents Starts from $17-20 per person

“The daily rent of a house varies from 30 to 300 manat (from $17.6 to $176.4) depending on the conditions,” he said.

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