US dollar becomes cheaper against major currencies

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On Tuesday morning, the dollar is falling against other major world currencies. Markets are looking forward to the US inflation data to be published on Wednesday.

The euro-dollar exchange rate rose to $1.1027 from the previous close of $1.0999 (the euro rose and the dollar fell).

The dollar’s exchange rate against the yen fell from 141.31 yens to 140.76 yens. The dollar index (the exchange rate against a basket of currencies of six US trading partner countries) decreased by 0.2% to 101.77 points.

It is expected that data on inflation in the U.S. will be published on Wednesday, which may affect the value of the dollar and monetary policy expectations. Analysts believe country’s annual inflation decreased from 4% in June to 3.1% a month earlier. The indicator may be significantly below the peak values, but above the target level of 2%.

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