Demolition and Relocation Plans Near “Tazapir” Mosque, Yasamal District

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Significant development in Yasamal district, Baku, private houses around the renowned “Tazāpir” mosque are slated for demolition. is here to provide you with exclusive insights into this noteworthy project that impacts the lives of residents in the area.

Demolition and Relocation Process Underway

The residents living in the vicinity of the “Tazāpir” mosque have already been registered, and the dimensions of their houses have been meticulously recorded. As we await government funding allocation, the process of relocating these residents will soon commence. This marks the beginning of a transformative phase for this neighborhood.

Scope of Demolition

The demolition will encompass the area stretching from Bashir Safaroglu Street to the 5-story building on Azadlig Avenue. This ambitious project aims to modernize the area and potentially enhance property values.

Compensation and Financial Aid

Residents affected by the demolition are not left without support. Each resident will be compensated at the rate of AZN 1,500 per square meter before the demolition work initiates. Additionally, an extra AZN 500 will be provided as financial aid. This financial support acknowledges the disruption caused by the demolition and helps residents in their transition to new accommodations.

Special Provisions for Smaller Houses

Recognizing the diversity of houses in the area, the authorities are extending certain concessions to residents with smaller houses. Proposals are in the works to provide tailored solutions to these residents, ensuring fairness and equity in this transformative process.

In summary, is your trusted source for staying updated on the ongoing developments in Yasamal district, Baku, around the “Tazāpir” mosque. From the demolition plans and resident relocations to compensation details, we are dedicated to bringing you comprehensive insights into this significant project. Keep an eye out for further updates as this impactful initiative unfolds.

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